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The Senex Bird

Welcome to the demo of my upcoming game!

In this story-driven adventure, you're an old bird at a castle full of senile geezers. While enduring their bad gags, you're pulled into a conflict about … cows and meat? On a journey to save Senexcastle, you meet quirky fellas, play minigames and slowly uncover the truth while trying to stay sane.

Present in this demo:

  • Silly gags
  • Senility
  • Bird noises
  • Cows
  • Geezers
  • More geezers

Playtime: ~30 minutes
Languages: English / German
Input: Gamepad / Keyboard

The screenshots on the right are taken from the full game to give you a better idea of what it feels like!

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The_Senex_Bird_Demo_103.zip 181 MB

Install instructions

Just extract the ZIP file to a folder and run the file "nw.exe".

Have fun!

Development log


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Finally managed to play it and it is definitely the most unusual! The gags are so bizzare and actually everything about this game is bizzare. Would love to see what the full game would look like!


Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it! :>


Going live with ya game